The Thumri Orchard: Stylistic perspectives, themes and the gender connect in Thumri gayaki By Vidya Shah

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    Performance & Lecture on

    The Thumri Orchard: Stylistic perspectives, themes and the gender connect in Thumri gayaki


    Vidya Shah,

    (Composer, Musician, and Writer, New Delhi)

    Nana Shirgaokar Chair Professor In Indian Music, Goa University


    Date & Time Venue
    24th September(Sunday), 2017 from 5 -7 pm Black Box, Auditorium, Kala Academy Goa
    26th September(Tuesday), 2017 from  3 -5 pm Conference Hall, Goa University


    The Thumri Orchard: Stylistic Perspectives, themes and the gender connect in Thumri gayaki


    In the world of Indian Classical music hierarchies matter. These in some ways determine how we discuss genres of music, communities of musicians, musical lineages etc.. Dhrupad is on the top of the list, followed by the highly evolved abstraction in ‘khayal’ and then the entertainers, thumri, dadra and other semi-classical genres.


    This lecture discusses legendary singers – their contributions to the genre- Siddeshwari Devi, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan or those who resisted the Thumri – Mogubai Kurdikar, reflecting thus also on the social interpretations and perception of Thumri singing.



    VIDYA SHAH is a composer, musician, and writer from New Delhi, India. She was initially trained in Carnatic music, and later received guidance in the North Indian genres of Khayal (from Shubha Mudgal and Mujahid Hussain Khan) and Thumri Dadra, and Ghazal (from Shanti Hiranand). She has performed at national and international forums, including the Tansen Samaroh in Gwalior, The Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C, The Asia Society in New York and the British Museum in London.


    A popular performer and a prolific composer, she is a recipient of the Charles Wallace Award and a Senior Fellowship  from the Government of India for her project “Women on Record”, a performance highlighting the contributions of the forgotten women performers in the Gramophone era. Her special performances include The Last Mughal (In performance) with author William Dalrymple, “Akhtari- the Life of Begum Akhtar” with Actor/Story Teller Danish Husain, and “Rung- Sufiana” a rendition of Sufiana Kalam. She writes and speaks on music and is the Author of Jalsa: Indian Women’s Journey from the Salon to the Studio (Tulika Books)


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