Prof. Santiago Lusard Girelli

  • Prof. Santiago Lusard Girelli: He was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), his work as a choir and orchestra conductor has taken place in the last recent years in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and Spain.
    He started his studies in music and philosophy since he was very young; his profile has been developed by these two paths of study. He is a Choir and Orchestra conductor,Girelli performer, composer and scholar of theological philosophical traditions of the East and West.
    In Bolivia he has worked as the main conductor of the Orchestra San José de Chiquitos, located in the Chiquitania, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, with which he has made national and international tours during 2007/08. He worked within the Venezuela´s musical system (EL SISTEMA) durin 2007/ 2008; invited as a conductor of the
    “Symphonic Orchestra Hombres Nuevos” during 2007/08, conductor in the “National Youth Orchestra of Peru”, the “Imperial Orchestra from Cuzco” (2008), and the “Banuev´s Choir” during the Youth International Meeting in Rome (2000). In Buenos Aires he worked with several choirs, orchestral groups and musical projects as conductor and producer. He has recorded more than 25 CDs and conducted more than 15 musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserable or The Phantom of the Opera.
    He did several researches on baroque vocal music of Moxos and Chiquitania´s archives in Latin-America, and he conducted brand-new musical pieces with his “Seville Chamber Choir” (Spain).He had attended to several coral conduction courses and workshops with renamed masters of different countries: José Carlos Carmona (Spain), Antonio Abreu
    (Venezuela), A. Alonso (France), Julio Domínguez (Spain) G. Céspedes (Colombia), N. Andrenacci (Argentina), W. Ptaff (Germany), and vocal performance with Mirella Frenni (Italy).
    Currently, he is Sub-director in the “Seville Symphony Orchestra Hispalense” (Spain) and assistant conductor at the Seville University Choir. He is also conductor of the Seville Chamber Choir and Orchestra since March 2010. He is nowadays in charge of the presidency of the FESECO (Choir Federation of Seville).
    He studied Theology and Philosophy in the Argentinean Catholic University and the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina), he also studied Oriental Philosophies, Yoga and Meditation in Argentina and India. He studied Orchestra conduction in Buenos Aires at the UCA University and Choir Conduction in the Manuel Castillo Conservatory of Seville, Spain. Nowadays he is finishing the PhD in music at the University of Seville where he also teaches.

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