Improvisations in Khayal, Thumri & Allied Forms of Music


    Poster - Shubha Mudgal Course Course Title: ” Improvisations in KhayalThumri & Allied Forms of Music”.Course Instructor: Smt. Shubha Mudgal,Padmashree Awardee & Visiting Research Professor, Nana Shirgaokar Chair in Indian Classical Music at GoaUniversity, well known Indian singer of Hindustani classical music, khayal, thumri, dadra and popular Indian pop music.Venue:  Mulitpurpose Hall, Sankriti Bhavan (Central Library), Patto  Panaji-Goa.


    Duration :  from 08 – 18 September 2014. Schedule:

    Date Time
    Monday,08 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs
    Wednesday,10 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs
    Fri,12 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs
    Saturday,13 Sept 2014 1600 – 1900 hrs
    Monday,  15 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs
    Tuesday, 16 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs
    Wednesday, 17 Sept 2014 1700 – 1900 hrs

    Course Themes: Basic methods for improvising in raag music.

    • Learning of khayal, thumri, dadra, kajri, hori, jhoola, compositions.
    • Basic understanding of taal, laya and thekaa.
    • Short presentation of the compositions taught during the course.

    This course is designed to take the participants on a fascinating journey of discovery of the variety and rich foundations that go into the making of India’s contemporary music tradition, including folk music.  It would be covered through lectures supported by audio and video references and interactive sessions culminating in a presentation by the participants, all in a span of 15 hours, distributed as two-hour and three-hour sessions over the days. Fine distribution of topics into each session rests with the Professor and would be based on the competence, interest and response of the participating student group. Course  pre-requisites :  Love for music, desire to learn and enjoy ! (no requirement of a ‘prior knowledge’ of music). Who could register ? : Students of GoaUniversity (the Course does not carry credits contributing to CGPA) and all other music lovers from Goa and beyond. Those who complete the course requirements would be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Course Coordinator : Prof. Usha Muraleedharan email: [email protected] (Ph: 91-832-6519356).