Dr. Kiran Budkuley

  • Dr. Kiran Budkuley ( retd. Professor and former Dean of Faculty, Goa Univetsity, Goa).

    Kiran Budkuley is an academician, critic, poet and translator from Goa who works from/into English, Hindi, Konkani and Marathi.

    Dr. Budkuley retired from Goa University as Professor of English and Head of the Department and Dean, Faculty of Languages and Literature.

    Besides teaching she has guided research for M.Phil./Ph. D. Degrees on varied topics such as Canadian Native Auto-narratives, Comparative Study of Asian Theatre, Comparative Study of Konkani Language and Culture, a Critical Study of Indian Travel Writing, Transmutation of Literary Works into Films, Women’s Empowerment in 19th and 20th century  India based on a Critical Study of Select Auto- narratives,  a Critical Study of Colonialism and After in the context of India and Africa, Goan Folk Theatre w.r.t . Select Folk Forms, among others.

    -Areas of her personal research interest are Culture and Gender Studies, Konkani Literature & Folklore and Translation Studies.

    -She has organized several national conferences, workshops, symposia and has been a Convener for the International Conference for Forum for Contemporary Theory in 2008.

    -She has presented research papers at numerous conferences across the country at both national and international level. Several of her research articles have appeared in reputed journals/critical anthologies in English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani.  Her  poems and general articles have been published in well-circulated magazines in the above languages.

    -Some of the   well-known books authored by her are: 
    1. Musings in the Meadows (2012) articles on Goan Language, Literature and Culture. (English)

    2. Mapping the Mosaic of Culture (2009) essays on Language and Literature. (English)

    3. Akshar-Sarita (2009) on Konkani Literature. (Konkani)

    4. Shatakantika (2009) Review articles on significant Konkani works of  the closing decades of the last century. (Konkani)

    5. Pani per Lakeerein (2009)a volume of Poems . (Hindi)

    6. Sahitya Niyaal: Antarang ani Kayarupaam (1998) on Literary Theory and Praxis, (Konkani)

    7. Samikshekaden Ishtagat (1998) on Western Literary Theory. (Konkani)
    8. Shenoi Goembab: The Man and His work(2003). (English)

    She has edited  three volumes of scholarly critical articles: 

    (I)Goa Matters in Lore and Letters (2016) on Goan writing, Broadway Publishers, Goa (2015) (ii)Aksharpath(2016) on Konkani writing in translation, World Konkani Centre, Mangalore,
    ( iii) Probing Perpsectives (2017) on Saraswati Samman winning Konkani novelist  Mahabaleshwar Sail’s Fiction, Institute Menezes Braganza, Goa.

    Dr. Budkuley has also edited two volumes of translated short stories:  
    (IV) Konkani Katha Marathit (2005; 2008) in Marathi, Sahitya Akademi, Mumbai, and, 
    (V) Katha Darpan (2010) edited with Mohandas Surlakar in Hindi, 
    Institute Menezes Braganza, Goa. 

    She has two translated books to her credit:  
    (1) Dilip Borkar’s “Shreyarthree” on Ravindra kelekar as “Devotee of the Desirable” (2010), Bimb Prakashan Goa, and, 

    (2) Prakash Padagaonakr’s Konkani poetry “Hanv Monis Ashwatthamo ” into English as “I am Man—Ashwatthaman” (2017), translated with (Late) Dr. S. S. Kulkarni, Sahitya Akademi, Mumbai.

    -Dr. Budkuley has also contributed to the two volumes of translated short stories and poetry, namely,     ” Paschimi Kshetra Kavita Sanchay” and ” Paschimi Kshetra Kahani Sanchay” respectively, both published by Sahitya Akademi.

    -She is a public speaker and conducts regular workshops on Translation and Creative & Critical writing.

    -Presently, she is engaged in creating bi-lingual/multi-media content for children, with a team of young enthusiasts under the rubric of “Aksharpath”, comprising  a team of dedicated workers and scholars.