Dhrupad Tradition : Continuing the journey with Bahauddin Dagar.

  • Dhrupad Tradition : Continuing the journey with Bahauddin Dagar.




    Rudra Veena maestro Bahauddin Dagar’s, week long course on Drupad tradition : Continuing the journey with Bahauddin Dagar  will be held from 18th to 26th August 2014 in Goa.   Visiting Scholar under the Nana Shirgaokar Chair for Indian Classical Music, in Goa University, he will discuss and demonstrate the Dhrupad tradition through a  unique course on the Rudraveena with reference to the Dagarvani style and technique. His course will include Jugalbandi with vocal artist Pelva Naik, aspects of Pakhwaj-Veena Sangat and audio visual presentations of the Dhrupad tradition, These sessions will be conducted at the Multipurpose Hall of Sanskriti Bhavan (Central Library), Patto in Panaji from  5-7 pm on  16/17/18/20/23/24/25 March 2015 (7 sessions).

    The last session on 25th March will be a recital with Pratap Awad, well known Pakhawaj player from Pune.




    Acknowledging his responsibility in keeping the Saadharani Geeti ( Dagarvani)  tradition alive on the Rudraveena, he has incorporated a personal dimension to the depth and exploration of the raga.  Taking the Dhrupad tradition to future generations, Baha’ud-din teaches both vocal and instrumental forms of music at the Dhrupad Gurukul near Panvel. He will now share his knowledge and talent with music lovers in Goa and his lectures are free of charge and open to students as well as the general public and require no prior knowledge of the subject. Participation Certificates will be given those who attend the course.  For details regarding the schedule and registration, please go to www.unigoa.ac.in/vrpp or for direct online registrationhttp://goo.gl/forms/Qp2PaHwIau or contact [email protected]