Activities Conducted Under Mario Miranda Chair from 2013 to 2021

  • Year : 2013-14

    • ONB 109 Mapping Mapusa Market by Orijit Sen
    • ONB 113 Indian Popular Visual Culture by Prof Jyotindra Jain
    • ONB 118 Visual narrative as a tool for research and documentation – part 1 by Prof Orijit Sen

    Year: 2014-15

    • Orijit Sen: conducted a Course on “Mapping Mapusa Market” from 10/8 to 29/8 at DMs College, Assagao  and conducted a mural design course “Utopia Dystopia- Mural design course” form         01/12 to 21/12/14 at University.
    • Sheba Chhachhi conducted a course on “THE POLITICS OF  CONTEMPLATION, AN ARTIST’S PATHS OF ENQUIRY IN NEW MEDIA” form 17/2 to 2/3/15    at Goa College of Architecture, Panaji.
    • Jyotindra Jain conducted a 1 Credit course on “Indian Folk and Tribal Art Practices” from 6/1 to 17/1/15 at University.
    • Prof Vidya Dehejia conducted a one credit course on “ONCE UPON A TIME: VISUAL NARRATIVES OF INDIA” from 4/8 to 17/8 &  a series of lectures from 22/9 to 27/9      at Goa University.

    Year: 2015-16

    • Orijit Sen: conducted a Course on “Digging Deeper” from 5th September to 3rd October, 2015 at Govt College, Sanquelim.

    Year: 2016-17

    • Vidya Dehejia:   conducted a Course on “HSO-155: Woman, Goddess, Power: India’s Image of the Feminine ” from 20th February to 28th February, 2017
    • Raman Sivakumar delivered 4 public lectures –  Art of early modern Indian art, especially the art of Bengal and Santiniketan from 7th to 17th October, 2016 at Sanskriti Bhavan and ICG.

    Year: 2017-18

    • Prof Raman Sivakumar conducted one credit course “Hso-156 Painting In Renaissance Italy: A Survey Of Important Masters And Issues” 28th September to 06th October 2017 at Conference hall, Goa University.
    • Prof Vidya Dehejia conducted a one credit Course on “HSO 157 MASTERPIECES OF INDIAN ART & ARCHITECTURE” from 05th February to 23rd February 2018 at Seminar Hall, Goa University.

    Year: 2018-19

    • Prof Raman Sivakumar conducted a workshop on  “Engaging with Art: A Worhsop on Reading Art Objects and Writing About them” from 19th November to 26th November at Seminar hall, Goa University.
    • Goa University co-hosted a National Conference on “Art Education in India: Challenges & Possibilities” in collaboration with Foundation for Indian Art & Education on 04th & 05th March 2019 at Chemistry Auditorium, Goa University.

    Year: 2019-20

    Year 2020-21