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    A great opportunity to work with a design  team and create a mural…


    (A Course on Mural Design/Production Project)


    (A Course on Mural Design/Production Project)

    Course Design and Instructor: Orijit Sen (Mario Miranda Visiting Research Professor

    The course is designed to involve the students/participants in a mural design and production project. The theme of the project is Utopia Dystopia Goa.

    The objectives of the course are to broaden the academic learning process to include an understanding of the principles of public art, while introducing a hands-on experience of teamwork, visual ideation and collaborative production. The importance of developing non-textual thinking, and nurturing of observational and manual skills will be emphasized.

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    Participants in the course will be enabled to engage in various aspects of the mural making process – starting with research, brainstorming, identification of solutions, experimentation with options and then finally hands on participation in the creation of a collaborative artwork. 

    The course duration will be three weeks ( Mondays to Saturdays ) starting on Monday, 1st December, and ending on Saturday 21st December 2014. The working hours on each of these days will extend from 2.00 pm till 5.30.

    For registration visit  www.unigoa.ac.in/vrpp  between Nov 15 and 25, 2014

    Course fee: Nil

    Venue– To be announced to selected participants

    Duration: from 1st December to 21st December, 2014

    Session Plan

    Week One

    Day 1 and 2: Introduction to Visual media and materials

    Day 3 and 4: Research of the theme of the project and field study

    Day 5 and 6: Team formation, conceptualization and artwork production

    Week Two

    Artwork production in teams

    Week Three

    Day 1 Discussions and feedback on the work produced during Week 2

    Day 2: Artwork finalization and detailing

    Day 3,4, 5 and 6: Final assembly

    Mode of Assessment Criteria: (tentative)

    1. Engagement with, and understanding of, the theme. (one third)

    2. Creative thinking and ability to interpret ideas visually (one third)

    3. Quality of execution of ideas (one third)


    The proposed mural is to be located at the the International Guest House in the GoaUniversity campus.  The selected space is a courtyard wall of around 5m (width) and 8m (height), and a small open courtyard space in front of it. It is planned as a mixed media installation which will include painted surfaces, terracotta & ceramic panels, recycled & found material assemblages, as well as some metal, wood and glass elements.

    Participants will gather and work out of at a studio space near the actual site, working in groups to measure, design and produce smaller sections of the mural. These will later be assembled and completed on site. For two of the allocated three weeks, they will be taken to work at two ceramic studios in Soccoro and Moira, where materials, tools and workshop facilities will be available, along with expert instructors.  Further, students who express an interest in working with recycled materials will be taken to scrap yards and markets around Mapusa in order to select metal, glass and wooden objects to incorporate into the design.

    The final installation of the mural at site will take place during the last week of the project. This part will also require inputs from professional carpenters, metal fabricators and masonry workers.