Shortlisted participants and instructions for “Compressing the world” by Githa Hariharan course

  • Goa University

    Visiting Research Professors Programme
    Kavivarya Bakibaab Borkar Chair in Literature

    A Workshop on

    EG-125: Compressing the world: Reading and Writing Short Fiction

    ( 1 credit course- 15 hours)


    Ms Githa Hariharan,

    Visiting Chair Professor, Kavivarya Bakibaab Borkar Chair in Literature, Goa University

    We have shortlisted following participants (students and general public) based on the online registration. (List shown separately)

    We have emailed reading material to all these participants. Please note that the reading material marked as required reading and required background reading has to be read by all the participants before the course commencement.

    Two printed copies of this material is made available in Dept of English for the reference of students and participants. We will not provide printed copies for personal use. You are advised to print the material at your cost.

    All the student participants who wish to credit the course and want to confirm their participation should meet Prof Kiran Budkuley on 21st August, 2015 at 3 pm in the Dept of English for further instructions.  General public participants are requested to confirm your participation by 21st August, 2015 by return email. If you do not reply or attend the meeting on 21st August it will be presumed that you are not interested in attending the course and your seat may be allotted to wait-listed person.

    The schedule is as follows-

    Ser#     Day & date           Time                   Venue

    1          1/9/2015 (Tueday)       3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    2          2/9/2015 (Wednesday)            3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    3          4/9/2015 (Friday)        4.30 to 5.30 pm           ICG Public Talk(Reading the Nation through Short Fiction)

    4          7/9/2015 (Monday)     3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    5          8/9/2015 (Tuesday)     3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    6          10/9/2015(Thursday)   3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    7          11/9/2015 (Friday)      4.30 to 5.30 pm           IMB Public talk (Making Dreams Travel: Writing Women’s Lives, Re-writing the Nation )

    8          12 Sept (sat)              6.30-7.30 Margao Public lecture

    9          14/9/2015(Monday)    3 to 5 pm         Seminar Hall

    All the sessions and public talks on 4th September and 11th September are compulsory.

    Alternatively you may call Mr Nandesh Naik on 7769092893 to confirm your name.

    We hope that you will participate in the course wholeheartedly and help us in making it a success.


    Ramrao Wagh                                                             Prof Kiran Budkuley

    VRPP Coordinator                                                     Course coordinator

    List Of Participants For Prof Githa Hariharan Course
    Sr No Name Of Participants Place Of Residence Email Id Name Of Institute
    1 Sneha Shyam Naik Margao [email protected] Goa University
    2 D’cruzraisarosettacaetanie Cuncolim [email protected] Goauniversity
    3 Ambika Vishnu Kamat Borim, Ponda, Goa [email protected] Goa University
    4 Sujata Noronha Neura [email protected]
    5 Rajshree Bandodkar Karapurkar Margao [email protected]
    6 Fernandes Carlton Britona [email protected] Goa University
    7 Anant Ghadi Sanquelim [email protected] Goa University
    8 Nateshwar Parab Panaji [email protected] Goa University
    9 Alia Sinha St. Inez [email protected]
    10 Jugneeta Sudan Panjim [email protected]
    11 Lisa Dacunha Calizor Moira Bardez Goa [email protected] Goa University
    12 Zakiya Mohammad Tahir Davorlim, Margao-Goa [email protected] Goa University
    13 Nurgul Mambetova Goa [email protected] Goa University
    14 Surayo Tursunboeva Goa [email protected] Goa University
    15 Ashwini Kumar Navelim [email protected] Goa University
    16 Jessica Pereira Navelim [email protected] Goa University
    17 Pallavi Kharade Betul, Quepem Goa [email protected] Goa University
    18 Florina Fernandes Colva [email protected] Goa University
    19 Dicksha Pandit Sancoale [email protected] Goa University
    20 Suvidha Malik Pernem [email protected] Goa University
    21 Pratiksha Kudalkar Mastimal ,Canacona Goa [email protected] Goa University
    22 Martins Marina Francisco Merces [email protected] Goa University
    23 Amanda Moraes Cuncolim [email protected] Goa University
    24 Muriel .I. Pereira Baga Velim Salcete Goa [email protected] Goa University
    25 D’silva Blossom Farina Chandor [email protected] Goa University
    26 Rodrigues Carissa Margao [email protected] Goa University
    27 Joanita Lobo Porvorim [email protected] Goa University
    28 Fernandes Vanica Dale Sarzora [email protected] Goa University
    29 Akshada Meghshyam Palyekar Ponda Goa [email protected] Goa University
    30 Snigdha Sudhakar Naik Cuncolim, Salcete. Goa [email protected] Goa University
    31 Moniz Priya Porvorim [email protected] Goa University
    32 Albertina De Jesus Piedade Almeida Taleigao. Goa [email protected]


    Ramrao Wagh

    VRPP Coordinator