Proposal for the Plan of Activities Cunha Rivara Chair Camões/Goa University 2021

  • (II Semestre 2021-2022)

    Schedule of Courses – 2021-2022:

    1. Hugo Cardoso (CLUL-Centre for Linguistics of University of Lisboa)

    PRO 121 – Language Contact in South Asia and the Role of Portuguese

     (Date: 10-23rd January 2022)

         Venue: Goa University

         Course coordinator: Loraine Alberto ??? (Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies)

         Public Lecture: “The Portuguese Burgher community in modern Sri Lanka”

         Venue: Camões-CLP, panjim

    2. Walter Rossa (DARQ & CESC-University of Coimbra)

    PRO 129 – The Goan role and autonomy within the global heritage of Portuguese Influence(Syllabus to be approved by BOS)

     (Estimated date: February-March 2022)

         Venue: Goa University

         Course coordinator: Delfim Correia da Silva ??? (Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies)

         Participation in the International Seminar on “University Press and Publications”, in collaboration with the University of Coimbra. 

     (Estimated date: March 2021)

    3. Susana Sardo (University of Aveiro-INET-md)

    PRO 130- Ethnography of musical practices in Goa

     (Estimated date: February-March 2022)

         Venue: Goa University

         Course Coordinator: Franz Schubert Cotta??? (Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies)

         Public Lecture: “Music, coexistence, and coloniality. Listen to the post-empire”

         Venue: Camões-CLP, Panjim

         Other activities: Workshop related to the project Liber|Sound: Innovative archival practices to- ward sound memory liberation.
         Recorded music, transcontinental experiences, connected communities. (PTDC/ART-PER/4405/2020).

    4. Amélia Polónia (CITCEM-Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Porto)

    PRO 131 – (course in preparation)

     (Estimated date:12-23rd April 2022)

         Venue: Goa University

         Course coordinator: Dhruv Usgaonkar ??? (Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies)

         Participation in the Conference on “Fernão de Magalhães”, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Ferdinand Magellan’s First Voyage of Circumnavigation, in      collaboration with Camões-CLP, Panjim.

         Public Lecture: “Cooperation between rivals. Transference of knowledge within Iberian empires in times of oceanic expansion. Magallean: a case in point”

         Venue: Camões-CLP, Panjim