(ONB 107) Diversity, Hybridity and Experimentation in the Music of Contemporary / 21st Century India


    Smt Shubha Mudgal
    Visiting research Professor
    Nana Shirgaokar Chair in Traditional Music
    Course Title: Diversity, Hybridity and Experimentation in the Music of Contemporary / 21st century India

    Course Instructor:Shubha MudgalNana Shirgaokar Visiting Research Chair Professor at Goa University,  well-known Indian singer of Hindustani classical music, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra and popular Indian Pop music.

    Course Description and Registration


    The course takes the participants on a journey of discovery of the variety and rich foundations (both from India and outside) that go into the making of India’s contemporary music tradition, including film music.

    No. of credits: One (15 Contact hours)

    Schedule of the Sessions:

    18 Sept (Wed) 3-5 pm; 21 Sept (Sat) 10 am – 1 pm; 24 Sep (Tue) 3-5 pm;

    26 Sept (Thurs) 3-5 pm,  30 Sept (Mon) 3-5 pm;  03 Oct (Thurs) 3-5 pm; 04 Oct (Fri) 3-5 pm.

    Course Pre-requisites: A strong desire to learn and enjoy music. No prior ‘knowledge’ of music necessary to join this course.

    Course Themes:

    • Indian music:  a reflection of the tremendous diversity of the Indian nation. Appreciating the fact that popular forms of music are not the sole representative of Indian music.
    • Notions of purity with regard to Indian music: Influence of other forms of artistic expression on music as an entity. Understanding the concept of “pure Indian music”.
    • Fusion and film music as hybrid forms, borrowing from many sources, both from within India and overseas.
    • Hybridity in lyrics and song texts and the use of multiple languages in song texts; film music, fusion, Hindustani classical music and North Indian folk music as illustrations to understand this concept.
    • Experimentation in North Indian / Hindustani art music : successful introduction of innovations within the framework of tradition.

    The themes would be covered through audio and video projections. The distribution of contact hours by the Course Instructor would be based on the interest, capacities and responses of the participating student group.

     Mode of Assessment:

    (Will be announced by the Course Instructor prior to commencement of the Course).

    Who can register :

    Students of Goa University and members of the public. The course has a value of “one credit” for Goa University students following the Choice-based Credit System.

    Others who complete the course requirements will be awarded a Certificate of  Participation.

    For queries contact[email protected]

    or call the Course Coordinator at : 0832- 6519356.