(ONB 104) A Course in Comparative Literature

  • ashok-vajpeyi
    Ashok Vajpeyi
    Kavivarya Bakibab Borkar Chair Professor on Comparative literature

    Public Lecture by Prof Ashok Bajpeyi

    Course Instructor: Ashok Vajpeyi

    (Kavivarya Bakibab Borkar Visiting Chair Professor on Comparative literature)

    Course Title: A Course in Comparative literature

    No of Credits:  One (15 contact hours).

    Objectives: The course is designed to create a deeper sense about how poetry written in many different languages and locations, in different cultures and yet could be appreciated by young sensitive minds. It would be aimed at creating a more complex sense of ‘the others’ and hopefully persuade students to realize that the dichotomy between ‘We’ and ‘They’ is not a true one, that we share a lot and we also respect the differences. Beyond differences there is a shared sense of human destiny, a shared spectrum of tensions and anxieties, a shared vulnerability to nature, love, affection, to issues of conscience and morality; that ultimately we are comrades in solitude and solidarity

    Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. The course would be for both; those interested in poetry and those who may have no initiation.

    Language: Participants need to know either Hindi or English. They are free to use either language in class and can choose the language they would like to assessed in.




    23 August 2013 Public Lecture

    5pm One hour

    Why Literature?  (English)


     3 to 5 pm

    Poetry Reading with other poets


    3 to 5 pm



    3 to 5 pm

    Czeslaw MILOSZ and AGYEYA: Poetry as Noble Loneliness

    28 August 2013 Public Lecture

    One & half hours

    Public lecture: KABIR AND GHALIB: Apani Apani Aag


    3 to 5 pm

    Zbniew HERBERT and Raghuvir SAHAY: Poetry as Resistance


    3 to 5 pm

    How and How Not to Read Poetry: Hindi and English originals.


    3 to 5 pm

    How and How Not to Read Poetry: Hindi versions of Polish, French, German, Spanish poetry

    Assessment: Will be initiated at the beginning  of the course

    Timings may be adjusted if necessary for the course requirement.