LUSOSONIA – Post Colonial Cartographies on Sounds and memories


    One Credit course from 15th to 23rd January, 2018

    Open to general public

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     Prof Susana Sardo : A Profile

    Susana Sardo is ethnomusicologist and Associate Professor at University of Aveiro, Portugal. Her research interests include music and post-colonial approach; music in the lusophonic world, processes of folklorization through music and music and post-dictatorship regimes. In the last years she has been dedicated to apply shared research practices in ethnomusicology. She is the author of the book “Guerras de Jasmim e Mogarim: Música, Identidade e Emoções em Goa” (Texto 2011) which received the 2012 Culture Award from the Lisbon Geographical Society. Her other publications include the scientific coordination of the 12 CD collection Journey of Sounds (Tradisom 1998), among other audio-visual publications and papers. Since 2007 Susana Sardo coordinates the Aveiro branch of the Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (INET-md).

    Course Co-ordinator: Prof.  Loraine Alber