Concept of Drupad in Indian Classical Music

  • Dagarnew
    Ustad Bahauddin Dagar,
    Rudra Veena maestro
    Visiting Chair Professor, Nana Shirgaokar Chair for Indian Classical Music

    Title of the course: ONB-114: Concept of Drupad in Indian Classical Music (1 Credit)
    Duration: from 3th to 10th March 2014
    Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm
    Venue: Conference Hall of Goa University
    Professor: Ustad Bahauddin  Dagar (Nana Shirgaokar Chair for Indian Classical Music)

    His course will include an Introduction to the Rudra Veena instrument, style and technique, Characteristics of Jugalbandi,

    Presentation of various schools of Drupad, guru-shishya parampara, instrumental and vocal demonstrations, ragas and its interpretation in Indian Miniature Painting and various aspects of pakhwaj-veena sangat with a demonstration.

    Acknowledging his responsibility in taking the Dhrupad tradition to future generations, Baha’ud-din will share his knowledge and talent with beginners, seniors and music lovers in Goa.

    Course Prerequisites: The course requires no prior knowledge of the subject and is open to students and the public.

    GU Students can opt for this course as a one credit course.

    For details regarding the course please contact [email protected]



    3.3.2014, Monday
    (3-5 pm)
    • Screening of ‘DHRUPAD’ by Mani Kaul followed by discussions.
    4.3.2014, Tuesday
    (3-5 pm)
    • INTRODUCTION TO RUDRA VEENA- About the instrument/ style/ technique and its significance in Dagarvani school of music. Reinvention by Ustad Z M Dagar. Alap- Jod- Jhala
    5.3.2014, Wednesday
    (3-5 pm)
    • Characteristics of JUGALBANDI- Rudraveena- vocal demonstration. Alap-Jod-Jhala-Bandish.
      Screening of film Raag Jog Jugalbandi by Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar & Ustad Zia Moinuddin Dagar
    6.3.2014, Thursday
    (3-5 pm)
    • Introduction to the FIVE GEETIS of ancient Indian classical music.Audio/Visual presentation of various SCHOOLS OF DHRUPAD.
    7.3.2014, Friday
    (3-5 pm)
    • RAGA and Its SWAROOP’ as followed in Dagarvani school. Rudraveena demonstration. Raga and its interpretation in INDIAN MINIATURE SCHOOLS of painting. – Visual (slide) presentation.
    8.3.2014, Saturday
    (10 am -1 pm)
    • PAKHAWAJ- about the instrument/ style/ technique and significance in Dhrupad. Aspect of ‘sangat’. Rudraveena- Pakhawaj demonstration.
      Characteristics of Guru shishya parampara. Views and discussions on the tradition, its cultivation and conservation in today’s times.
    10.3.2014, Monday
    (3-5 pm)
    • DRUPAD in HISTORY & TODAY: Brief history- presentation with slides.
      ASSESSMENT (1 hour)