Digging Deeper – Creating short comics about the story of mining in Goa by Orijit Sen

  • Goa University

    Visiting Chair Research Professors Programme

    Mario Miranda Chair in  Art, Illistrative Art, Cartooning etc.

    In Association with

    Government College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sanquelim,Goa


    Course Title: Digging Deeper – Creating short comics about the story of mining in Goa



    Instructor: Orijit Sen, Graphic Novelist, Mario Miranda Visiting Research Professor at Goa University



    Dates :

           Phase I : 5th September to 15th September 2015.

    Phase II: 26th September to 3rd October 2015.

    Time : 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., all days except Sundays.

    Venue- Government College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Sanquelim, Goa


    Maximum number of Participants: Twenty

    Digging Deeper Lo res


    This course is aimed at introducing to students the potential of Graphic Reportage as a medium of communicating complex ideas, and making them accessible to diverse audiences.

    The course will emphasize the development of observation skills and methods. It will familiarize participants with the process of researching stories in the field, and the use of drawing, writing and photography as means of storytelling.


    Course Outline:

    This course will involve classroom lectures, presentations and discussions combined with field visits. Participants will be given inputs on constructing simple visual narratives using text, drawings and photography, and then taken to a living community sites in mining affected areas in order to collect and record visual narratives. The idea will be to engage in documenting local histories. Each participating student will be expected to take up an individual aspect or strand of the project, and complete a short Graphic Reportage piece about it within the duration of the course.



    Instructors: Orijit Sen, Isa Hinojosa Flores and one other.

    Special Consultant: Prof. Madhav Gadgil


    Who can register: Students of Goa University as well as interested members of the public.


    Participation Pre-requisites: A strong interest in Ecology, Storytelling, Visual art, and willingness to draw extensively (prior drawing skills are not essential.)


    Assessment: Participants will be assessed on the basis of

    1-   Quality of Output. in the form of graphic narratives: 80%

    2-   Level of participation in, and contribution to, group discussions and presentations: 20%

    Prof. K  R Badiger,

    Dept of Geography, Govt College, Sanquelim

    Course Coordinator


    Ramrao Wagh

    VRPP Coordinator

    Goa University

    [email protected]