Course on ONB 102 A Perspective on Globalization : Combining Theories, Evidence and Indian Experience by Prof Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Shri D.B. Bandodkar Chair in Political Economy, Goa University

  • Goa University

    Visiting Research Professors Programme

    Shri D B Bandodkar Chair in Political Economy

    A One credit course

    Course Code & Title – ONB 102 A Perspective on Globalization : Combining Theories, Evidence and Indian Experience.

    Course Instructor: Prof Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Shri D.B. Bandodkar Chair in Political Economy, Goa University

    Course coordinator: Prof. Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Dept of Economics

    Objective: Locate Globalisation in a historical, political and economic framework. This course would be of interest to an interested beginner as well as an advanced researcher.


    Venue- Seminar Hall, Ground Floor, Social Sciences (Faculty Block “B”)   Time- 3 to 5 pm 

    Date Session title and Details(2 hours each) Recommended Readings
    13th October, Thursday Lecture 1-2: The earlier episode of globalization; capitalism in the pre-first world era; diffusion of capitalism and the “development of underdevelopment”; Gold Standard and the triangular pattern of trade; the long boom of capitalism; onset of the Great Depression. Prabhat Patnaik 2008 The Value of Money. Tulika Boos, New DelhiPrabhat Patnaik 2010 “A Marxist Perspective on the World Economy”, Social Scientist, July-August.Prabhat Patnaik 2010 “The State Under Neo-liberalism”, Monthly Review, August 10
    14th October, Friday Lecture 3-4: Post-second world war dirigisme; “military Keynesianism” in the U.S.; social democracy and welfare state in Europe; the Golden Age of Capitalism; decolonization and the Nehruvian State; the achievements and contradictions of the Indian dirigiste regime.
    17th October, Monday Lecture 5-6: The emergence of international finance capital; the new episode of  globalization; the end of the Bretton Woods system; change in the nature of the State under globalization; the end of Keynesianism; the opening up of the Indian economy.
    18th October, Tuesday Lecture 7-8:Boom and diffusion under globalization; the working class in advanced countries; the end of segmentation in the world economy
    19th October, Wednesday Lecture 9-10:The destruction of petty production; primitive accumulation of capital and accumulation through encroachment; agrarian crisis and peasant suicides in India
    20th October, Thursday Lecture 11-12:Class contradictions under globalization; trends in food availability and poverty in the Indian economy
    21st October, Friday Lecture 13-14: Capitalist crisis and the current impasse of globalization; political manifestations of the impasse.
     (One hour) Assessment- Assignment submissions


    Course pre-requisites: No prior knowledge of Economics is necessary.

    Assessment: Written Assessment of long answer type questions at the end of the course.

    Who can register: Any student at the Goa University is welcome to register. Participation is also invited from members of the public.

    The course is of 15 hours total duration (Will run from October 13-Otober 21, 2016) and has a value of one credit for Goa University students and is a Certificate Course for other participants.

    For Course details and online registration:

    VRPP coordinator, Goa University. E-mail: [email protected]

    Professor Prabhat Patnaik

    Prabhat Patnaik is an eminent economist and political commentator, who has achieved international acclaim with his incisive analyses of economics and politics. Prabhat Patnaik is Professor Emeritus at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

    He joined JNU in 1974 as an Associate Professor after completing a stint as a faculty member at Cambridge and a Fellowship at Clare College. He held the Sukhomoy Chakravarty Chair of Planning at CESP and was Dean of the School of Social Sciences in JNU before his retirement.

    He did his Bachelors in Economics from St. Stephen’s College Delhi and M.A. from the Delhi School of Economics where he was taught by Amartya Sen, Sukhamoy Chakravarty and K.N.Raj. He joined Oxford University 1966 on a Rhodes scholarship.

    He was a recipient of the VKRV Rao Award in 1986. He also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science and economics from the University of London in 2012. He was Vice-Chairman of the Planning Board of the Indian state of Kerala 2006-2011.

    As a tribute, three of his PhD students recently brought together a Festschrift in his Honour titled: “Economic Challenges for the Contemporary World Essays in Honour of Prabhat Patnaik,” published by Sage publications.

    His specialization is in the area of Macroeconomics and Political Economy. His books include Time, Inflation and Growth (1988), Economics and Egalitarianism (1990), Whatever Happened to Imperialism and Other Essays (1995), Accumulation and Stability Under Capitalism (1997), and The Retreat to Unfreedom (2003). He has been the editor of Social Scientist a well-respected journal over the last 3 decades.